Rotary, along with , has reduced polio cases by 99.9 percent worldwide since our first project to vaccinate children in the Philippines in 1979. We are close to eradicating polio, but we need your help. Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours, here are some ways to make a global impact and protect children against polio forever.


Rotarians have helped immunize more than 2.5 billion children against polio in 122 countries. For as little as $0.60, a child can be protected against this crippling disease for life.

Your gift to the PolioPlus Fund is eligible for recognition. You can maximize support for polio eradication within your club and your community by organizing a fundraiser. .

Build awareness

Help get the word out about our efforts to fight polio.

  • Make it personal by posting about polio on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Keep informed by following our campaign to end polio on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Harness the power of the press by issuing a press release or sending a letter to the editor.

Become an advocate

Make sure policymakers know how important it is to eliminate polio. You can:

Just 60 cents can protect a child against polio for life. End polio now. To donate or learn more, visit Rotary.org and endpolio.org.

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