A Brief Timeline of Rotary in Hudson
  • Club chartered March 5, 1951.  Charter Officers Harry Blakeman, president; Rev. Harold Winter, VP; D. H. Sather, Sec; Dr. Milton Cornwall, treasurer
  • Board Members: Martin Trollen, James Klund and Peter A. Tweet
  • Sponsoring Club:  Menomonie, Dist. 208
  • Charter Meeting at the Hotel Hudson (Later known as the Tulgen Square Building), menu: ham, scalloped potatoes, peas & carrots.  Program included a saxophone solo by Ronald Rorvick & clarinet solo by Wm. Weitkamp, son of longtime Hudson resident Al Weitkamp
1951:  Rotary Club bought what is now known as Coon's Hill as a public recreation area  
1952:  Rotary sponsors "Pushmobile derby" popular children's event for many years
1953:  First Halloween Parade - Still a popular Hudson event
1956:  Club launches annual Heart Fund Drive, a program overseen by American Heart Association; local chapter chaired by Rotarian Clarence "Buck" Malick
1958:  Rotary institutes two annual scholarships - $200
1963:  Hotel Hudson dining room closes, Rotary moves to Sports Club   
1965:  Rotary begins Junior Achievement program in area schools
1976:  Rotary celebrates silver anniversary (Doug Stohlberg story).  Brochures of the time geared toward "Rotary wives"
1986:  Following  Supreme court decision regarding Jaycees, United States Rotary Clubs vote to admit women:
  • Julie Lohman, former assistant at HMC, admitted as 1st female Rotarian
  • Within the next 18 months, Kay Walsh, Becky Becken & Barbara Butler inducted
1990:  Discussion over meeting times leads to a survey in which a group of Rotarians indicated an interest in morning meetings; out of this survey comes the Hudson Daybreak Rotary Club, which charters in July 1990.  Charter officers included:  Dan Dixon, president; Steve Wilcox, past president;  Bob Zientara, vice president; John Duntly, sec./treas. and directors Jim Richardson, Julie Lohman and Barbara Butler
1990-present:  Hudson's two clubs set up a joint board & have cooperated on major fundraisers such as golf outings, galas and rose sale
1995:  Daybreak Club commits to the "Developmental Assets" concept, a set of positive values &experiences that help youth grow into productive, caring adults; outgrowths of that program include a $100,000 blacktop park for skateboards & in-line skates (co-sponsored by both clubs), career exploration day and Interact club for youth