Become A Member

Rotary Flags Why join? When you join Hudson Daybreak Rotary – or any Rotary group – you open yourself up to opportunities to-

Develop Leadership Skills:

The responsibility that comes with being an active citizen makes each Hudson Rotarian an evolving leader. Motivated by powerful, lasting change, Rotary members become community leaders using empathy and expertise.

Expand Your Professional Network:

While growing in education, human relations, personal development, and leadership, Rotarians gain meaningful relationships with people from all industries.

Discover New Cultures:

The Rotary community is made up of people from all different continents, cultures, and occupations. Each Rotarian is welcome to attend any of the 29,000 clubs in 194 nations and geographic regions worldwide.

Take Action:

The Hudson Daybreak Rotary Club is a service club. With “Service Above Self” as our motto, we give our members a chance to participate in crucial initiatives, both local and global.

Advance Your Education:

Being informed on events in the community is key to our mission. Each week we host a program designed to educate on the news and needs in the community, nation, and world. Additionally, Rotary supports education for youth and adults with programs including scholarships, peace fellowships, and exchange programs.

Share Diverse Perspectives:

Rotary thinks and sees differently. Our vast range of specialties as a group helps us strategize and solve problems in unique, resourceful ways. Rotarians unite using intellect, friendship, and compassion as a cross-section of the world’s most prominent citizens from every background. Join us.